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My Most Popular Tutorial To Date

March 20, 2017


For those of you who don't know, I have a YouTube channel where I post tutorials on music production and audio engineering techniques. So far, one video is clearly my most popular one yet, and that is "Clearing Unused Audio Files in Logic Pro X Projects". 

I would guess this is the most popular video on my channel because this technique is a little difficult to figure out in Logic. It is not as straight forward as it is in ProTools, which is unusual because it is usually the opposite is true about Logic vs ProTools. 

This technique is for deleting all the unused audio files in your Logic Projects. All those takes you recorded, but aren't using. All those edits you made to delete/remove certain bit and pieces. All that is still saved int othe logic project package/folder. So if you don't yet know how to delete those unused audio files in your Logic projects, please take a minute to watch this video. Check out my channel for more tutorials on Logic Pro X.



IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure you don't have any apple loops or audio samples you want to keep on your hard drive selected, or they will be deleted. Its beret to manually go in and make sure you are not about to delete anything you will need before hitting delete. 

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